Frequently Asked Questions
Why should we hire a wedding planner/day-of coordinator?
For Wedding Planning Services: Because planning your own wedding can be hard! (Especially if you're working or going to school full-time, or both!)  It can get overwhelming and you can get caught in seeing too many options and making too few decisions. You may not be asking the right questions in your vendor meetings.  You'll need an objective opinion outside of your family and friends in this process. Hiring a planner means you have someone with all the tools to plan, coordinate, and manage your wedding day!

For Day-Of Services: Hiring a seasoned wedding coordinator means you and your guests can enjoy your wedding day! Nerves and emotions can get even the best and most prepared couples on their wedding day. You need someone who can answer help answer all the questions and keep your day running smoothly on your wedding day. Hiring me means you don't have to be bombarded by logistics of the day. You don't have to be the point of contact for your caterer, officiant, DJ, florist, baker, band, etc. I can coordinate your wedding rehearsal. You don't have to cue your wedding party as they process down the aisle (believe me, this is a science!). No matter how many times you meet with your vendors in the planning process, they still need someone as a point of contact for the wedding day. It helps to have someone on your side with only one goal in best carry out your wedding plans so that you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work!

Do you have Assistant Wedding Coordinators?
Yes.  I have a handful of trusted, hand-picked assistants that help me when more than one person is needed.

Do I need more than one person to assist in our wedding coordination?
If your wedding activites/timeline are very elaborate, have a separate ceremony location, or you expecting to have a large number of guests, then I recommend having at least another person to assist. On your wedding day, I have an assistant that at helps me with setup.

What are your rates?
My rates begin at $800.

When is the deposit due?
Your deposit is due within 2 weeks from our complimentary initial consultation. If you need more time, please let me know.

When is the balance due?
Your balance is due 1-week prior to the wedding.

Can I make payments online?
Yes, I can email  you an online link to make a payment. However, there are additional fees when using a credit card.  You can mail check payments to PO Box 86627, San Diego, CA 92138 or pay check/cash in person at our next meeting.

What if we are planning a destination wedding in San Diego?
We can schedule a skype/facetime complimentary initial consultation to discuss further.

Do you work with a specific team of vendors?
Most couples have already chosen which vendors they'd like to work with before they book my services. As a professional, it comes easy for me to adapt, direct, or be flexible with different vendors, and they are most happy to be working with a wedding coordinator. However, for those needing help with full planning I have a list of preferred vendors that I've worked with in the past that share my working philosophies when it comes to weddings.  Because we have an established  rapport with each other, it allows us to beautifully coordinate your wedding festivities. For those who choose the DAY BY DAY plan, I can obtain quotes from different vendors for you.

Do you plan/coordinate other special events?
I have planned and coordinated many types of events. On occasion, I will coordinate other special events on a case-by-case basis, especially if it's wedding-related. For now, weddings are my primary focus, as they are my favorite to coordinate!

Do you have any reviews?
Yes!  Please click on the Wedding Wire badge on this page.

What's the best way to contact you if I have more questions?
Email best, but if the need is more urgent, please feel free to call or text me. (Info below.)